Often in life we can find that our experiences/ interactions and relationships can take their toll on our mind and body. Bad experiences, if that’s a one off event; or multiple interactions with a particular person or; group of people and even our own inner voice can result in the development of unhelpful behaviours/ thinking patterns and cycles. These can manifest in the development of a particular condition within the body or the mind which results in reduced enjoyment in life at best and at worst complete breakdown in capacity to engage in social contact.

We live in a world where there is an expectation on us to juggle more than full time jobs/ family/ friends/ other extra curricula’s. This takes its toll on us physically/ mentally and spiritually. In order to manage external expectations we can develop destructive coping mechanisms. Addictions and habits start as opportunities to enjoy brief moments/ manage stress/ develop control in a world where we might feel like we have limited freedom. These opportunities to break free from the constraints of day to day life gradually increase in frequency/ severity and duration and spiral out of control. Before you notice it becomes something you have to do/ take or avoid.

Anxiety is an emotion that we all have, it can be useful in certain situations so if for example you are giving a presentation at work or in school, you might find that you feel more alert/ have butterflies in your stomach, and this is the adrenaline moving round your system. It makes you sense sharp, focussed and helps us perform better.

For some people this gets out of hand, they find that gradually anxiety takes over their life, they start to develop checking behaviours are the lights switched off/ asking their friends and family if they can see/ check lumps/ looking repeatedly in the mirror. They find that they start to withdraw from things, stop going out/ stop going to work and in its most extreme stop leaving the house. You might find that your sleep is effected that at night when all is still, your active mind and reactive body come to life and then starts the ‘fear’, the overthinking and the restless limbs. You are not alone and a combination of treatments offered by Kate will help you move forward.

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I work from home or from the Whitley Bay Osteopathic Centre (website to link is https://www.badbax.co.uk ) as a psychological therapist around my full time job. Appointments can be arranged on Mondays, Evenings and Weekends.  Bespoke psychological therapy packages are tailored to the needs of the individual, couple or family presenting and their specific circumstances.